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Watch this quick video to see how Coach John Baxter fills the Void in your student’s Education…

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Community Feedback

haden_lrg copy

Pat Haden

USC Athletics Director

What makes John so different, so unique, is his ability to teach, motivate and relate to young people on so many levels. His ability to lead them to academic and lifelong success in unparalleled in our profession.

Kevin-Plank copy

Kevin Plank

Founder & CEO of Under Armour

Coach Bax, Thank you for the life skills, and reminding me to never be the Nail! Be The Hammer!

Tom Brandstater copy

Tom Brandstater

Retired NFL Quarterback

Coach helped [me] develop the skills that are crucial to being productive. I am very thankful that I was introduced to him my Freshman year in college because his lessons had a huge impact on my success and continues to be an integral piece of my daily life. 

Julie Vogt copy

Julie Vogt

Parent & Teacher

Coach’s techniques resonate with the highest achievers who seem to get A’s without ever cracking a book to the students who never seem to be able to get above a C, no matter how long or hard they study…He supports every student in reaching their individual maximum potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Academic Gameplan Do?
Using an online delivery system (tailored to today’s young people) combined with specifically designed planning and organizational tools (physical tools we send you), Academic Gameplan provides students with a competitive advantage by developing the skills of a lifelong competitor. From planning and organization, to belief systems, all the way to accessing photographic memory, we provide a proven process to develop the skills that no one teaches, but everyone needs. Our flagship program, AGP 101, the same process Coach Baxter takes his college athletes through, is comprised of 3 components: Foundation, Fast Start & Momentum..
What age group do you help?
We are most relevant for students aged 12 and up. Middle school is the time when students are faced with the pressures and challenges that we effectively address. Why no upper limit? Because it is common that parents get just as much from Coach Baxter as students do.
What if my student is already getting good grades?
The techniques, tools, and ideas we offer are about a lot more than getting an A in Geometry. We provide executive level training to young people so they can get a leg up on the competition now, and well into the future. The most common thing every parent says, “Where was this when I was in school?!” If you are green, there is room to grow, if you are ripe, all you can do is rot!
How do I purchase and where should I start?
Simply click here to see your options. Investing in AGP 101 up-front is the best value, and it includes every aspect of the best and most effective concepts Coach has developed over his 34 years of helping students solve their biggest challenges.
Do students go through this on their own?
Our processes are designed to create alignment between parents/mentors/teachers and students. Therefore, it must be gone through together. We don’t believe in selling miracle cures, nor can we pretend that we can replace you as a parent. We (a 30 year college football coach and a former NFL player) are here to support your efforts by offering unique tools, techniques and ideas that can revolutionize the way your student(s) approach school when they are experienced with others.
How can I get my son or daughter to participate?
The most common thing we hear from parents is that they want their son or daughter to enjoy the benefits of the program, but they are concerned that they will get push back because Mom and Dad are telling them to do one more thing related to school. We totally recognize and appreciate this challenge. To help, Clint made a video that you may want to share with your child, click here to view it.
When and how am I supposed to fit this into our schedule?
If you are concerned about finding time, please watch our quick presentation on the 168 here, it’s totally free and will challenge your approach to the concept of availability.


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